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Hotel*** BARBAKAN Levoča
Košická 15
054 01 Levoča

N49°01'38.5" E20°35'31.4"

Tel: 00421/53 451 43 10
      00421/53 451 36 08
Fax: 00421/53 451 36 09

E - mail:

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Hotel history

Hotel history

The Kosice´s gate with barbican was belong and belong still today too, to integrated towns fortification structure and at the same time is dominant portal to the Levoca. Probably he arose early in 14. century, that confirm archeological examination, too.
Initially groundwork barbican are nowadays uncover and screw up for 50 cm above landscape in front of the Kosice´s gate. Entrance through the Kosice´s gate to the Levoce in the ends of 14. and early in 15. century from military-strategic regard fortification circle barbican with fall bridge, which was extend among barbican and Kosice´s gate above water dike.
Than already was remember Kosice´s gate with barbican is principal entrance portal into square and hotel be settled 100 m in the direction of square from this input portal.
Background against this background was hotel named BARBAKAN. Hotel is build up in burgher's house, whose history stretch back till 14. century, where interest is, that the nicest rooms are build up there, where previously owners warehouse corn. In these areas hotel offers scarce and attractive accommodation to all, who looks for romantic and grateful atmosphere. That untroubled either interior and equipment of the hotel, which are downoloadable to historical spirit of the building.
Romantic atmosphere involving too unusual outlook from wintry garden to Marianska Hora with Basilica Minor, which is known as holly place.


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